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May, 2016

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In Tactera, players will become tactical masterminds as they step up to the role of Commander while immersed in a holographic futuristic war room. Seeking to maneuver and lead their troops to victory, players will need to tap into their strongest strategic skills as they work to outwit and outthink their opponent. Featuring a virtual tabletop format designed specifically for VR, Tactera strips away the nonessential elements often associated with typical RTS games and instead emphasizes decisive high-level choices, making for a more dense and engaging experience. Instead of tedious resource collection, memorized build orders, micromanagement, and actions-per-minute, players can focus on the composition of their army, the tactical maneuvering of their units, their broad economic strategy, and how to respond to the gambits of their opponents. While the game is fast-paced in nature, players will need to carefully consider their strategic approach. Each battle starts with the player selecting 3 units from a total of 12 types, each different in its abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, which determines what tactics will be viable in the upcoming battle.


Tactera was created by E McNeill, the developer of the award-winning VR launch title Darknet. The first version of Tactera was built for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam in early 2015. After a positive reception and official recognition as a finalist, it was expanded and developed into a full game. A pre-release demo was launched on the Samsung Gear VR in December 2015, and a full Gear VR version is expected in May 2016, with Rift and Vive versions coming soon after.


  • 12 unique unit types
  • Dynamic single-player campaign mode, now with expanded hard and expert difficulty levels
  • Highly responsive AI that corresponds to Campaign difficulty
  • Enhanced and new 3D models to create an engaging battle ground
  • Online head-to-head multiplayer w/ new Skirmish mode while waiting for a match
  • Responsive sounds and immersive visual effects to cultivate a full-throttle RTS battle experience
  • A wide variety of 3D maps
  • Designed for VR from the ground up


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist, Oculus Mobile VR Jam" May 2015
  • "Finalist for Best Gameplay, Best Sound Design, and Best Independent Experience, 2015 Proto Awards" September 2015

Selected Articles

  • "With most RTS games, you're spending as much time managing individual units as you do planning the grand scheme of the battle. Tactera is a whole different beast."
    - Joshua Vanderwall, The Escapist
  • "Impressive visuals and responsive gameplay make this a must have."
    - Scott Hayden, Road to VR
  • "Tactera is different, not only because it’s simplified real time strategy, not only because it automates a lot of the more mediocre parts of the genre, not only because it’s a faster paced tactical game, but because it’s designed for Virtual Reality from the ground up."
    - Micah Blumberg, VR Perception
  • "Use wits and planning to overcome AI opponents in this exciting and cerebral realtime strategy game."
    - Tom Rudderham, The Rift Arcade

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About E McNeill

E McNeill is a solo indie game designer working out of San Diego.

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Tactera Credits

E McNeill
Game Designer

Alexander Kvasnicka
3D Artist

Clemens Scott
2D Artist

Kojo Kumah
Multiplayer Programmer

Brendan Hogan and Jamie Hunsdale
Sound Designers

George Rothrock, Jamie Hunsdale, Dave Vera, Lelia TahaBurt, Brian Roth, Kyle Riesenbeck, and Brandon Pham
Voice Actors

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