Theeri is a strategic card game inspired by famous dilemmas from game theory.

The setup is pretty simple: players are trying to gather tokens, which they can use to buy victory points. However, the only way that players can gain tokens is through the 12 unique “Action Cards”, each of which provides some tricky interpersonal dilemma.

For example, the Ultimatum card (inspired by the ultimatum game) allows a player to pick up tokens for free and offer to split them with another player, but then the other player gets to decide whether to accept that split or force the first player to discard all the tokens. The Commons card (inspired by the tragedy of the commons) allows players to simultaneously choose some amount of money to gain, but if they collectively try to gain too much, they all lose money instead. Every card has some advantage for the one who plays it, but only the most savvy and clever players can exploit these opportunities to the fullest.

Theeri is still in beta, so to speak. If you’d like to get a print-and-play version of the game, and you’re willing to send me a playtest report afterwards, contact me at