Play Farmpunk online (Unity Web Player)

Farmpunk is a resource management game with a genetic engineering theme, created in 48 hours for the Indie Speed Run game jam.

My randomly assigned themes were “Construction” and “Seeds”, and so I made a game about constructing seeds. You pick out new genes every round from a random pool and can splice them into your three seeds. This affects stats (Propagation, Hardiness, and Value) as well as bonus characteristics such as pest resistance.

Once you’ve built the seeds, they’re entered into a botanical cage match with an opponent’s GM plants. After 30 seconds of frantic growth (punctuated by pests and bad weather), you collect money based on the value of all your living plants.

The design was overambitious. I barely completed the game in time for the jam, and so it was released with all sorts of horrible game-breaking bugs and balance issues. Still, it was a good learning experience, and I was able to fix the worst bugs later on.