Bombball is an explosive abstract sports game, available for PC, Mac, and OUYA. Bombball is designed to be spectator-friendly and easy to learn, while still requiring serious skill to master. Grab some buddies, crank the volume up, and prepare to use boosts, blasters, and bombs to get that tiebreaking goal right before the buzzer!

Download Bombball now!
(or the Mac version – Huge thanks to Roy Dawson who updated for 64bit compatibility on Mac OS Sierra or later)

Bombball can be played with a keyboard, but Xbox controllers are recommended.

Bombball was originally created in 10 days for the Kill Screen CREATE game jam, for which it won the “Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks” Award. Some comments from players:

  • “Really fun and deep.”
  • “A blast to play.”
  • “It’s like air hockey meets American Gladiators meets lasers.”

Bombball features licensed music by Pierre Gerwig Langer, as well as music by Pirato Ketchup, Juanitos, and Lo Tag Blanco, used under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.