Play Azure online (Unity Web Player)

Azure is a relaxing, experimental art game. I attempted to infuse the game with meaningful gameplay and emotions other than fiero.

I originally started the project in 2009 to spite my Game Studies professor, who had made a claim about the limits of digital games, but I quickly found other inspiration and abandoned that goal after some iteration. Instead, Azure morphed into a game that encapsulated a message within abstract gameplay. In late 2012, I finally completed a long-delayed revision, reorganizing the game into a finite set of levels and removing the schmaltzy text I had originally included.

In Azure, the player must absorb the motes that fill the screen by moving over them. The game world changes based on your success in this endeavor, ranging from a diseased-looking brownish-red background to a beautiful azure sky when the player keeps the screen totally clear.

The player can only clear the screen by slowing down, finding a rhythm, and denying any temptation to rush. Trying to accelerate the game’s pace will only result in further chaos.