Download Asp (PC/Mac/Linux, Java 1.6+ required)

Asp is a simultaneous-turn space combat tactics game inspired by the space combat scenes in Ender’s Game and Star Wars.

Greg Costikyan (*swoon*) commented that “Asp is, fundamentally, an exploration of the limitations and advantages of AI opponents….” I started out trying to explore indirect control of units, and this eventually turned into a sort of AI-puzzle game.

The player is tasked with giving waypoint orders to his or her units every 10 seconds. While enemy ships can constantly react to the ongoing battle, they can be tricked through clever maneuvers.

The game includes a story of which I am now ashamed, although the art (by my friend Olex Ponomarenko) is still worthwhile. The gameplay holds up pretty well too, and Asp holds a special place in my heart as my first game to get a good amount of positive feedback online.